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The New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) translates its public service posters into Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Korean.

I would guess these translations are intended for the domestic audience, who should have some familiarity with English. The translations are often a very literal transformation of the English text. The phrasing is comprehensible but usually not what one would see on a sign in Taiwan or the mainland.

I wonder how the following happens.

The following text switches from one character set (traditional) to another (simplified) half-way through. (This is unintentional and would not happen on signage where the primary language is Chinese.)

See Someone at Risk?

Get Help.

向警官、列車或車站工作人員報警。或者, 如果就近可用,您也可使用站的“客援助对讲装置。”
Alert a police officer, train or station personnel. Or, if available, use a station "Customer Assistance Intercom."

MTA PSA Translated to Chinese

When writing this post, I couldn’t figure out how to type an enumeration comma with Chewing. You can type an enumeration comma in Chewing with ` 3 2:

Chewing 好像沒有辦法輸出頓號 、